BEMAdventurers in the World of Warcraft come to Blade’s Edge Mountains when they reach level 65 or so. This is a very exciting time for players, they can see the end of the leveling grind to 70 and eventual access to all of the end game content is within their reach. Blade’s Edge Mountains offers players several long quest chains to help them quickly gain two to three levels. The zone also contains the first glimpse in Outlands of an end-game reputation questing area.

Technologia guild officer, Wally Bahny, took some screenshots of the area and produced this TechRepublic Photo Gallery: “Technologia: A travel log of Blade’s Edge Mountains in WoW“. Filled with several factions of Ogres, demon camps, evil Gronn 30-feet tall, Arakkoa, dragons, drakes, and dangerous wildlife, there are plenty of quests for aspiring adventurers. Check out the Photo Gallery to see for yourself.