Around here the theater experience is pretty dismal, only fair sound and small screens 25 miles away at the next big town, or the local community theater here at Groundhog Day Central, not the gigantic screens and primo sound systems a lot of you have in the big city, so rather than spend a small fortune to sit next to talking kids, crying babies, and the smell of stale popcorn, we wait for Netflix to get movies to us where we can see them on a big screen with great sound here at home.

My movie reviews are therefore limited to DVD releases these days but I expect the DVDs release schedule to soon move up to the same time as the theatrical release since it is the only way to combat piracy and also takes into account the fact that people who buy or rent DVDs are seldom the same ones who go to the theaters – we are just a completely different crowd from the casual dating mall crowd.

Anyway, here is my brief look at the new Superman movie. I mostly posted this to give others a chance to comment on the movie.

The new Lois Lane has all the charisma of a shaved wet poodle. Don’t know why the big S would care, I certainly don’t care what happens to her and that is a critical problem for a movie heroine, especially if you hope to build a series.

The new Superman actor himself is OK if bland.

The real writers must have been fired early on because much of the movie is just a re-hash of the original story – apparently they decided to re-start the series rather than build on the existing stories.

Heck, even the comic books were able to come up with a relatively new plot every few weeks for decades. Even new villains.

Finally, the director must be the most inventive film make of all time – he made Superman, of all things, boring.

Rent any of the originals, even the TV series instead.