It’s a no-brainer that Internet threats will continue to grow in frequency and sophistication, despite the technological advances to combat them. This story discusses the severity of the situation: “Online threats outpacing law crackdowns.”

According to the article, “Cybercrooks are organizing better and moving to more sophisticated tactics to get their hands on confidential data and turn PCs of unwitting users into bots.” This makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? The better we get at protecting our systems, the more of a challenge the game becomes for cybercrooks. I don’t see this perpetual cycle ending any time soon – or ever, for that matter.

I did think it was interesting that the article pointed out another obvious fact, heeding this warning to greedy cybercrooks: “People being caught today operate networks of as many as 1 million PCs. ‘There is a greater chance that you’re going to get caught, if you do that much activity and command and control that many computers,’ [quote by Wendi Whitmore, special agent, Air Force Office of Special Investigations].” So, all of you cybercrooks out there, keep thinking… but think small if you want to increase your chances of not getting caught!