ABC Systems site offers software-tracking solutions

The ABC Systems and Development Web site showcases its products for maintaining and tracking application software. TechRepublic's Mark Kaelin offers this review of the site and some of the company's licensing and documentation solutions.

Is every piece of software on your computer network properly licensed and documented? Could you survive a Software Publishers Association compliance audit unscathed? For network administrators, maintaining and measuring application software across an enterprise-wide system is a constant struggle. ABC Systems and Development, located in Mountain View, CA, believes it has the tools that will make that struggle easier to manage.

ABC Systems and Development, a major player in this important software management market, has affiliated itself with major industry organizations such as the ASP Industry Consortium, Team Tivoli, and The Federation Against Software Theft (FAST). ABC offers a line of products ranging from small local network solutions to products applicable to major global enterprises. Lan Licenser, a multi-platform program that monitors application usage by concentrating on certain diagnostics, anchors the entire line of products. According to the company, Lan Licenser 3 uses a three-tier, Client/Server architecture in order to:
  • Dramatically improve network performance by reducing network traffic.
  • Maximize database speed in processing license queries leading to ultra-quick response times for users.
  • Ensure there is no limit to the number of workstation clients allowed on the system.

According to ABC Systems, Lan Licenser can be used to:
  • Determine which applications are no longer being used.
  • Accurately diagnose and tailor your maintenance contracts.
  • Simplify the desktop by eliminating unauthorized applications.

The home page of the ABC Systems site is well-organized and sharply produced with animation emphasizing the company’s products and the problems those products purport to solve. A well-designed navigation bar includes drop-down menu choices. Following the Products link on the navigation bar, however, takes you to a set of pages that is much less sophisticated. These pages are functional but static when compared with the home page and other sub pages on the site. These pages, which appear to be an older version of the site design, also have one glaring problem—there is no direct link back to the home page. This is a major faux pas in Web-design circles.

ABC may be in the process of updating the design of the entire site to match the first page and other sub pages, but that’s not likely. My guess is that they wanted to present a more sophisticated face, so they created the new design but continued to use the older design for some pages. This is not a major problem in terms of users gathering company information, but a unified presentation would be better for their overall corporate image.

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