Terrain Home is a new homescreen launcher that I recently introduced here on TechRepublic. In this video, I’ll take you up close and personal with the card system of the Terrain Sidebar, and show you just how capable it is of bringing the data you want to your fingertips.

The Terrain sidebar is at your service with a simple right swipe action on the homescreen. Once it’s on your screen, swipe up and down to view the information.

As you look at the cards, you’ll notice they each have a menu button. Tap that button and you can Refresh, Rearrange, and Remove a card. Each entry does exactly what you might expect.

If you tap the rearrange entry, it will take you the Edit Cards screen. This screen allows you to remove, rearrange, and configure cards. Not every card has a configuration option.

Let’s take a look at a card with options. For example, the Weather card allows you to choose a location that will be used to display weather. Select Current location to make sure that card updates based on your location — so when you’re on a business trip, you don’t have to manually enter a new zip code.

Adding cards to the sidebar is simple. From the sidebar, tap the ADD button and then look through the Featured Cards, Popular Cards, or Card Categories.

Two very handy apps to add are the Recent Contacts and Recent Apps. Both of these Cards gain you quick access to the contacts and apps you’ve recently used.

All you have to do to open a recently used app is open the sidebar, locate the Recent Apps card, and tap the launcher for the app you want to use.

Terrain’s card system makes this new launcher from Samsung an incredibly powerful tool to help make your Android experience even more efficient.