As the editor of TechRepublic’s Smartphones blog, I often receive emails from folks who are promoting various mobile products. One of the most interesting things that I’ve gotten lately is the speaker amplification docks for smartphones by ReAcoustic.

According to owner Ryan Boase:

“The name ReAcoustic comes from two different aspects of what I am doing in my shop. The Re comes from the fact that I reuse edge glued salvaged wood for the bases and reuse beat up unplayable musical instruments and antique horns, and the Acoustic comes from the fact that all of the docks in my shop are completely acoustically amplified. They require no batteries or cords. Internally there is a small hollow acoustic channel leading from the phone speaker to the horn.

“I have only been making these docks for a couple of months, but the response has been amazing. I currently offer acoustic docks for the iPhone, iPad, and now Droid phones. I use musical instrument horns like trumpets, trombones, and French Horns as well as gramophone and phonograph horns. These docks are offered in several different stain colors, including Dark Walnut, Bombay Mahogany, and Natural.

“I am still amazed every time I finish one and play it for the first time. It is hard to believe that such a big sound can come out of these. I am really excited about these two new Droid versions of the acoustical docks. I think a lot of Android phone users get annoyed and frustrated about how much focus the iPhone gets and would appreciate a product that is compatible for their phones.

“The simple design allows for virtually any phone with the speaker located on the back, regardless of shape, brand, or case size to be acoustically amplified. Simply place your phone’s speaker over the opening of the acoustic channel and enjoy tunes of yesterday and today with an amazing vintage sound.”

Take a look at a gramophone dock for the Droid in action.