Dynamic development tool vendor to leave the fold.

After a two-year relationship, ActiveState is breaking ties with parent company Sophos, resulting in what Managing Director and CTO Dr. David Ascher describes as “two independent organizations, each focused on its own needs” in a blog posting.

Venture capitalists Pender Financial Group Corporation paid US$2.25 million for Vancouver-based ActiveState, and Ascher was quick to point out that split was amicable and mutually beneficial.

“This is exactly the right thing for us to be doing, both for the ActiveState employees (we always preferred the heady startup phase of things) and for the ActiveState customer community”, he wrote.

In the short term, there looks to be little visible difference for developers.

“ActivePerl, ActivePython, and ActiveTcl are and will remain available, and will remain under development… Everyone loves these distributions, and there’s no reason to stop making them available.”

Future releases also remain under development.

“There are significant upgrades to existing products planned for the next year, which I’m confident our customers will love, just like they’ve been keen on some of our recent releases, like the Ruby-enabled, OS X-loving Komodo 3.5 release,” wrote Ascher.

The company is expected to be headed by Bart Copeland, an experienced Canadian CEO with time at a number of companies, including Recombo.

ActiveState manufactures free and commercial programming tools for dynamic languages like Ruby, Perl, Python, Tcl and PHP. Sophos will continue to focus on threat management in the form of spam, viruses, spyware and policy.

The deal is scheduled to be closed within 30 days.