Looking for some original fireworks for your 4th of July celebration that will astound your neighbors, friends, and coworkers? This news story suggests that you might want to purchase a Dell laptop computer: “Dell looking into exploding laptop report.”

According to the story, “The Dell laptop computer seen bursting into flames in photographs on the Internet was being examined as part of the company’s probe of the incident.” The laptop in question exploded at a conference in Osaka, Japan. Dell spokeswoman Anne Camden said that it was too early to determine the cause of the explosion, but “it did not appear that the incident had anything to do with the battery issues related to the recall [Dell in December 2005 issued a battery recall for some of the batteries in its laptop due to overheating issues].”

I’ve heard of spontaneous combustion, but I don’t think laptops burst in flames for no apparent reason. Was it a setup? Perhaps there was an HP representative at the conference who rigged the Dell explosion. You never know how tough the competition can get these days…. sheesh!