If you frequently add the same table of information to your Word documents, consider adding the table to Word’s Quick Tables gallery. (The Quick Tables gallery isn’t available in Word 2003 and earlier.) Doing so allows quick retrieval so you can avoid recreating the table or copying it from a previous document. To add a table to the gallery, do the following:

  1. Select the table.
  2. Click the Insert tab.
  3. From the Table dropdown in the Tables group, select Quick Tables.
  4. Choose Save Selection To Quick Tables Gallery (below the gallery).
  5. Give the table a name, and click OK.

To add the table to any document, just retrieve it, as follows:

  1. Click the insert tab.
  2. From the Table dropdown, select Quick Tables.
  3. Select the table.

With just a few clicks, you’ve retrieved a formatted table full of data – ready to go. Your typical table won’t be a good candidate for this process if data changes. Save tables to the gallery when they’re generic or reused frequently. This technique takes advantage of Word’s Building Blocks feature and isn’t a style.