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The Send To menu in Windows appears on the
default context menu when you right-click a folder or file. By
default, the Send To menu contains shortcuts to your system’s
floppy disk drive, the Desktop, My Documents, and a Mail Recipient
item if an e-mail program is installed. When you select one of
these menu items, Windows sends the item to the specified
destination. In the case of the disk drive or folder, Windows
copies the selected item to that location. If you choose Mail
Recipient, your e-mail application starts with the item attached to
a new message.

If you use other folders often, you can add
them to the Send To menu to make it easy to copy files or folders
to those locations. Likewise, you can add application shortcuts to
the Send To menu to make it easy to open documents with specific
types of applications. For example, you might add a shortcut to
Notepad in Send To so you can easily open a file in Notepad.

Adding items to the Send To is easy–just add
folder or application shortcuts to the Send To folder. You’ll find
the Send To folder in the hidden folder \Documents and
Settings\(user)\SendTo, where (user) is the user profile name. Open
this folder in Windows Explorer, right-click in the folder, and
choose New | Shortcut. Or, simply right-click and drag a folder or
application icon to the folder and choose Create Shortcut(s)