Add Shut Down to the logon dialog box in Windows 2000 Professional

If you frequently restart Windows 2000 Professional, it's not necessary to log on just to shut it down. Here's how to set up your desktop to conveniently shut down right from the Logon dialog box.

If you restart your system often, such as when you're installing new hardware or software, it's a pain to have to log on for the sole purpose of clicking Start | Shut Down to shut down the system. Wouldn't you rather have a Shut Down option right on the Logon dialog box? Well, you can create one by simply defining a security policy either at the local policy or through the domain security policy. If both are defined, the domain security policy takes precedence. Here's how to define it locally:

  1. Open the Administrative Tools folder in the Control Panel, then open the Local Security Policy object.
  2. Expand the Local Policies/Security Options branch.
  3. Double-click the setting Allow System To Be Shut Down Without Having To Log On. Click Enabled, then click OK and close the Local Security Settings console.

At the next logon you'll be able to click Shut Down from within the Logon dialog box and shut down the system without first logging on. Keep in mind, however, that adding the ability to shut down the system without logging on allows anyone to shut down the system, whether he or she has a valid account.

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