Add the Watch Window toolbar to your Excel spreadsheet

An easy way to track when changes are made to cells in Excel is to add the Watch Windows toolbar to your spreadsheet. This helps you tell at a glance the current value of the cells you specify.

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IT pros often use Excel worksheets to track what happens to a certain cell when changes are made to other cells. Pre-Excel 2002, if the cell you were monitoring moved off the screen when you made a change to another cell, you would have to scroll back and forth between the cells to see the results. With Excel 2002, you can add a Watch Window, which keeps the value of the monitored cell on the screen—no matter where the change is made.

Follow these steps to add the Watch Window toolbar:

  1. Go to View | Toolbars | Watch Window.
  2. Click Add Watch in the Watch Window toolbar.
  3. Enter the cell you want to track and click the Add button.
  4. Repeat steps two and three for each cell you want to monitor.

As changes are made to the spreadsheet, the Watch Window toolbar will display the current value of the cells you are tracking.

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