Putting a client’s logo on the Visio documents you produce for them adds a nice touch to your work. Besides showing your skill with Visio, it’s also a good way to ensure that whomever reads the document you’ve produced immediately knows it belongs to your client. I’ll explain how to add a logo to a stencil in Visio 2000.

How it works
In this example, let’s say TechRepublic is your client. You’re a consultant working on a network layout and you’ve been asked to include the TechRepublic logo on the Visio documents that you produce. To begin, save the TechRepublic logo. You can use SnagIt to capture the image of the TechRepublic logo. Then, save it as a .tif to your desktop (see Figure A).

Figure A

Next, you’ll need to import the image into Visio. On the main toolbar, click on the Insert menu and choose Picture to bring up the Picture dialog box. After you find the logo, click on Open, which will make the TIF Import dialog box appear (see Figure B). Visio chooses the Normal radio button—the one you want—by default under Color Translation.

Figure B

The logo will then appear in the middle of the drawing page (see Figure C).

Figure C

Having the logo on the drawing page is fine, but you’ll want to be able to use it with future documents that you create in Visio. The next step is to save it to a stencil. From the File menu on the main toolbar, choose Stencils | Open Stencil.

Since you’re a consultant who does network diagramming, choose the Basic Network Shapes 3D stencil to add the TechRepublic logo to. To modify the stencil, either click on the icon to the left of the stencil name or right-click on the name of the stencil to open a drop-down menu (see Figure D).

Figure D

Select Edit with the red asterisk from the drop-down menu to place a red asterisk on the stencil name, meaning that you can edit the stencil (see Figure E).

Figure E

Then, drag the logo onto the stencil. To do so, click on the logo in the drawing page while holding down the [Ctrl] key. Place the logo at the bottom of the stencil. To save the stencil, right-click on the stencil name and save it as Basic Network Shapes 3D With Logo.

How it looks in a diagram
Let’s say you’ve done your work for TechRepublic—you diagrammed the network. Here’s one way your client’s logo could show up on a network diagram (see Figure F).

Figure F

The next time you’re working on a Visio document for your client, ask them if they want you to include their logo. You’ll know how to do it.

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