Do you find that the available table styles in Microsoft
Word’s AutoFormat feature are never exactly
what you need? There may be one style that you use often, yet even with that
style, you find yourself modifying it each time you use it.

For example, suppose every time you choose the Table
Contemporary style, you need to change the header row color to light green, the
text alignment to center, and the font color in the last row to red. Word let’s
you add the modified style to the AutoFormat Gallery so you only need to
reformat the style once.

Follow these steps to add your modified table style to the
AutoFormat Gallery:

  1. Put
    your cursor in the table that will include the modified style.
  2. Go to
    Table | Table AutoFormat.
  3. Press
    the New button.
  4. In the
    Name text box, enter a name for the style (e.g., ABC Company Table
  5. Click
    the Style Based On drop-down box and select Table Contemporary.
  6. Click
    the Apply Formatting To drop-down box and select Header Row.
  7. Click
    the Fill button and choose light green.
  8. Click
    the Align button and select Center.
  9. Click
    the Apply Formatting To drop-down box and select Last Row.
  10. Click
    the Font Color button and select red.
  11. Select
    the Add To Template check box and then click OK.
  12. Press Apply.

The new style is applied to the table and added to the
AutoFormat Gallery. You can now apply your modified style when working with any
Word document based on the original document’s template.

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