I put it off forever. Every time I logged onto Facebook I saw the ominous message telling me that the timeline feature was on its way. I thought that if I ignored it-if I didn’t have eye contact with it or return its calls-maybe it would forget about me and leave me to my linear layout.

But no, last week I got THE message and the jig was up. My timeline was going to change this week whether I liked it or not. I felt like a felon that failed to turn herself in and had to be cuffed and dragged to the big house.

The timeline layout is not appealing to me for many reasons, but I also had to make some privacy tweaks that I’d ALREADY MADE in order for them to carry over.

So back when I said I only wanted friends to have access to my door? Facebook is now kind of saying, “Oh, you still want that?” Yes, my passive-aggressive social app, I still do.

I would recommend that all of you who are concerned about any of your Facebook content becoming public knowledge-particularly those in search of a job-do the same. You don’t want the post from that bad day you had two years ago when you said you were going to drink your way through lunch getting into a future employer’s hands.

Here’s how to do it: Click Privacy Settings. Scroll down to Limit the Audience for Past Posts, and click Manage Past Post Visibility. You’ll then get this ominous warning box:

Click Limit Old Posts. Now, according to this little warning box, since there’s a chance that friends of friends you’ve tagged can still see your stuff, you may have to go in individually to each post and change the setting. That could be pretty time consuming if you’ve been on Facebook for years and/or post your every single thought or activity. You’ll just have to weigh the benefit.