Monday morning. I love my work, but this particular morning I’d like to stay home and relax.

The whole weekend, our house seemed like a highway. On Saturday, I held my son’s 8th birthday party. Twelve first graders yelling and running all over our house for three hours! My ears ached after the party was over and I got them all out of our house.

In the evening, our friend paid us a surprise visit with her two small sons and a husband. The whole Sunday I tried to recover, and then suddenly it was Monday, and I don’t know where the weekend disappeared. I get a cup of coffee, eat an apple, and jump into my car.

This week, I’ll sit in the office of one of our clients. Four days of reading server logs, repairing missing/corrupted IDs, repairing crashing Web servers, and planning a migration.
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I get a cup of coffee (my third today) and read through my e-mail, both personal and work mail. I have two different addresses, one for work-related mail and the other for personal purposes. This way, I keep my work mailbox clean of spam. Nothing shocking; just two documents concerning the migration, which will happen in two weeks. I sit down and write a list of questions I have to ask in the meeting with the migration team.

A one-hour meeting and lunch are behind me. The migration process is not as easy as we thought. We have to decide whether to install a new server or use the old one.

We are so lucky: We still have two weeks left before the actual migration will happen. Usually, someone tells me that something should have been done yesterday, although I didn’t know it then.

My boss calls to tell me that I have to go to Ahvenanmaa to set up a Domino server. Then, I am to teach the administrators how to maintain it.

Ahvenanmaa is a tiny, self-governing island of Finland. The folks there speak mainly Swedish. Great! I haven’t spoken the language for ages, and now I have to teach Domino administration in Swedish. The Domino server installation and setup is a piece of cake compared to the teaching.

Server logs are clean. No fatal errors.

Tomorrow, I have to set up Server Admin Plus for Notes and take some time to get to know the software.

Now I have to rush home, take my younger son to guitar lessons, and my elder son to Judo class. Oh, I can’t wait for the moment when I get the children asleep! Maybe then I can have a few moments only for myself.
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