This morning, I decide to sleep a little bit longer, which means that I’ll get home later than usual. An extra half-hour’s sleep does me good, because I’ve stayed up too late so many nights in a row.
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Gosh! This day has been helter-skelter.

The first thing in the morning, I check the old server that will be migrated into our domain. Or, more correctly, its contents are moved to a new server. It takes an hour, and when I go back to the office, it is almost lunchtime.

At lunch, I have a meeting with one of my colleagues about Domino/Notes security issues. The company wants a server that can be accessed only by strictly named users. And, as always, this server must be in production in just a few days!

Why is it so hard to make good plans and allow plenty of time to carry them out? It would make life much easier for many people, and it would, more importantly, give us time to do testing before the server goes into production.

Welcome to the real world! I bet you’ve bumped into the same problem, too, haven’t you?

Yesterday evening, I did something I haven’t done for almost a year: I installed a video card, an Elsa Erazor X, into my home computer. The picture quality is tremendous!

OK, Erazor isn’t the cheapest video card, but it is good. I’d rather buy something of higher quality and pay a bit more.

We have a saying here in Finland that I’ll try to translate. I just hope that you understand my point. “If you’re poor, you can’t afford to buy cheap things.” Of course, it means that high quality goes hand in hand with higher price. And, if you have just a little money, you can’t afford to buy low-quality products.

Now I have to stop babbling and go back to work. See you tomorrow!
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