Yahoo! It’s snowing! Not much, but still, it’s snowing. Maybe we’ll get winter after all.

Morning starts as usual: cup of coffee, some bread, shower, and off I go. All my guys (husband and sons) want to hug me before I leave. It makes me feel good. When you work with machines all day, it’s great to know that somebody is still waiting for you at home.
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The whole morning goes to reading e-mails and chitchatting with my colleagues. And then those user IDs. I don’t know what makes it so difficult for end users to read those little windows that appear on their screen!

When someone moves to another organizational unit, the ID has to be re-certified. The users have been informed of this need, but they still don’t get it. Or they want the changes made immediately. The only solution is to certify their IDs manually. Annoying.

Before lunch, a man came into my room and told me he was going to install Microsoft software on one of our Domino servers. The problem was he didn’t know which server was the right one. And my problem was he didn’t even introduce himself.

I surely won’t let anyone install anything on our servers without knowing who he is, what the software is for, and where he is going to install it. Amazing how some of us don’t know the simplest rules of communication!

The day is flying by and leaving me behind.

My 10-year-old calls, crying. It’s very unusual, but the reason is obvious: He is longing for his grandma. She’s been traveling in New Zealand for almost a month.

Well, tomorrow I have to reconfigure the server. It is too late to start now. I can’t reach support, in case I should need it. It’s comforting to know that sometimes I can call support, too, and not always be the support.
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