Admin resource: Become a Visio diagramming guru

Microsoft Visio is currently the tool of choice for administrators who need to diagram an IT infrastructure. Hone your Visio skills with this list of valuable tutorials, along with a variety of free Visio templates you can download.

Microsoft Visio remains by far the most popular tool that IT professionals use to diagram and document a technology infrastructure. The poll results in Figure A illustrate this popularity. As a result, we decided to put together a list of TechRepublic resources that can help IT pros improve their Visio diagramming skills and take advantage of some free Visio templates that we offer.

Figure A

Visio tricks and techniques
The following tutorials can help you get the most out of Visio by using techniques that other administrators have benefited from in the past:

Visio templates
Below is a variety of predesigned templates you can download for free and, in many cases, customize to suit your IT infrastructure:

Sharpening your skills
Just because you've used Visio to build a couple of diagrams, that doesn't make you an expert. However, if you read all of the tutorials listed above and download the sample templates, you'll be well on your way to becoming a serious Visio guru who can create simple, powerful, and slick diagrams for almost any aspect of an IT infrastructure.

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