Admin resource: Lock down WLANs with these tips and tools

Security is a high priority in any wireless deployment, but there still isn't much consensus on the best way to harden a WLAN. So we've rounded up a variety of articles on WLAN security to give you a broad view of the strategies and options.

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When it comes to designing, managing, and optimizing wireless LANs, you can't avoid the subject of security. Because of the fundamental nature of WLANs—with data packets traveling freely through the air where they can be intercepted by attackers—security will always be a high priority in WLAN deployments.

As you can see in Figure A, administrators use a variety of methods to lock down wireless networks. There simply isn't one standard way to accomplish the task. Since WLAN security is by nature so pluralistic and challenging, we've put together a list of articles from TechRepublic and TechProGuild that provide guidance and/or point to resources you can use to harden your wireless network(s).

Figure A

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Wireless security can be a tricky and time-consuming game. However, it's a high priority for any networks that include WLANs. These resources can help you get the upper hand.

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