Every other Monday, AdminRepublic poses a systems or network problem requiring a solution. Some challenges are routine, while others may be more difficult. We then conduct a random drawing from the correct responses and send one lucky winner a fancy new TechRepublic T-shirt. You’ll be the envy of the office. Let’s start with the solution to our previous challenge.
What did Luke overlook?
Two weeks ago, we presented Luke’s quandary. As you may remember, he was experiencing trouble with his new Windows 2000 test network.

He was using Windows 2000 Advanced Server Release Candidate 2. In addition to properly configuring users and permissions, he’d set the appropriate permissions, logon scripts, and group policy settings. But two hours after reconfiguring a folder redirection, users in his test group weren’t being redirected. What did he forget?

Luke neglected to log off and log on again and have the users do the same to trigger the redirection. An alternative would have been to reboot the server.

Congratulations to Tia Williams, whose submission was randomly selected from the viable solutions returned to TechRepublic. Tia was also kind enough to send through the Microsoft Knowledge Base article ID number (Q242557), referencing the procedure.

The next challenge
Denise, like most systems engineers, has been working long hours. She’s been fighting a temperamental Exchange server, an overloaded Windows NT server, and several problematic desktops. It’s 6:30 in the evening, and she’s got one last laptop to configure before retiring for the evening.

She’s installed Windows NT Workstation 4.0, and the install appears to have gone well. However, the network card (a PC Card with its own set of compatible drivers) doesn’t seem to be working properly. She’s installed the correct driver, but she’s unsure why the dongle light blinks intermittently, indicating something’s wrong.

She knows the dongle and PC Card aren’t faulty. She’s tried an identical unit, and the result was the same.

How can Denise quickly get the NIC working?

Send your answer to TechRepublic by Monday, Feb. 7, 2000. We’ll send a TechRepublic T-shirt to the individual whose name we select randomly from all the correct answers received.

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