Editor’s note: TechRepublic’s free-with-membership articles, including the two from this content package—“The benefits of moving clients to an Active Directory environment” and “The pitfalls of moving to an Active Directory environment”—provide a good introduction to Active Directory. For a comprehensive look at Active Directory administration, check out TechProGuild’s subscription-required article “A guide to Active Directory: Planning your upgrade” or buy our Quick Reference: Active Directory Pak. Both of these resources can help you effectively manage the many and varied systems and resources that make up your enterprise’s computing environment.

Active Directory is the backbone of all Windows 2000-based networks. It allows you to effectively manage the many and varied systems and resources that make up your enterprise’s computing environment. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s directory service is extremely complex and difficult to master, even for administrators with extensive experience working with Windows networks.

To help you plan for, install, configure, administer, and troubleshoot your organization’s AD structure, we’ve developed a set of laminated reference charts that will address all aspects of your Active Directory implementation. TechRepublic’s Quick Reference: Active Directory Pak includes the following four charts:

  • Active Directory Planning and Migration
  • Managing Active Directory Objects and Services
  • Active Directory Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Active Directory Security and Group Policy Administration

This unique reference tools collect our most popular Active Directory content in a set of four laminated charts that open to 11″ x 25.5″. With these handy charts you’ll have ready access to the critical information you need to:

  • Estimate infrastructure needs using Active Directory Sizer.
  • Transfer NT4 data with the Active Directory Migration Tool.
  • Provide Active Directory functionality to Windows 9x machines using the client extension.
  • Publish resources using Active Directory.
  • Use the Group Policy Editor.
  • Filter group policies and apply security.
  • Optimize Active Directory replication.
  • Boost Active Directory database performance.

Don’t leave the success of your organization’s AD implementation to chance. Order your Quick Reference: Active Directory Pak today!