Back in the day, I was the proud owner of a Commodore64. And while the sound and graphics (especially on my 19″ color TV) seemed to blow away the competition, I have to admit that I always suffered from a bit of Apple II envy. Quite frankly the Apple II had the games that appealed to me (Wizardry, Time Traveler, Ultima), and most of these never made it to the C64. Well, envy no longer, has all this and more available for free (donations accepted) online.

I heard about this on a recent episode of TWIT, but evidently this thing has been on digg and slashdot for a while too. Sadly, you will have to use IE on Windows to play (this is the reason God created Parallels for your Mac). I plan on spending a rainy day living in the 80’s soon. You should too.

– Hutch