Working every day in an open-source environment, there’s always one area where open-source aesthetics fall down compared to the Windows and Mac ecosystems: professionally produced fonts.

Source Sans Pro, a new open-source font from Adobe, can be used in a copyleft fashion, and is ready for use in your programs today. Its licence, the SIL Open Font License, is considered free by the Free Software Foundation — no Free endorsement can come higher than that.

It’s just so lickable!
(Image Credit: Adobe)

The font family comes in six weights, in upright and italic styles, and offers support for Latin script, including Western and Eastern European languages, Vietnamese, pinyin Romanisation of Chinese, and Navajo. A monospace variant is currently under development. Source Sans Pro is the first font from Adobe to support both the Indian rupee and Turkish lira currency symbols.

“In making these fonts open source, it is important to us to make all the source files we used in their production available, so that they can be referenced by others as a resource on how to build OpenType fonts with an AFDKO workflow. The full package of source files can be obtained from the Source Sans download page on SourceForge,” wrote Source Sans Pro’s creator Paul D Hunt.

The family will soon be available for use in Google docs and presentations.