According to The Washington Post, Federal Sources Inc. and McLean market-research say that U.S. President George Bush has allocated $52.1 billion for IT spending in his fiscal 2003 budget, up from $44.9 billion in 2002. The spike in U.S. government IT spending has some consulting firms targeting the government as a client for the first time.

There’s clearly money to be made, but it takes a lot of work to secure a government contract. To help make your first steps less tentative, we’ve been talking to consultants and industry experts with government procurement experience. Here are four recent articles with solid advice about consulting and selling to the government sector.

TechRepublic government procurement offerings

  • ”2002’s hottest industries for consulting work”
    In a TechRepublic poll, members predicted the government sector would be one of the hottest consulting service consumers in 2002. This article provides an industry expert’s explanation for the increased spending in the government sector.
  • ”Focus is key to winning government contracts”
    Two consultants share their knowledge about the registration process necessary for government contracting and the best way to define a government sector and specialty.
  • ”More tips for selling to government agencies”
    As the U.S. government’s IT spending mounts, many consultants are preparing to mine it for lucrative contracts. Two consultants with procurement experience offer advice for developing relationships and partnering with larger consultancies.
  • ”Finding and responding to RFPs: Tips for IT consultants”
    When should you respond to an RFP and when should you ignore it? TechRepublic contributor Meredith Little provides helpful Web sites and tips that could lead you to new contracts in both the public and private sectors.

Do you have advice to offer?

With the recent spike in government spending, we hope to offer more tips, tricks, and tales to help consultants find work in government sectors. If you have some advice that may help others, send us your story or discuss your experience below.