TechRepublic member kilbey1 wrote a new post titled “Frustrated by being a generalist” in the TechRepublic forums.
Kilbey1 is an IT veteran who started as a Web designer and HTML programmer and has served in a number of development and administrator roles since then, but kilby1 has some career discontent:

“Despite having been doing something in technology for over 10 years, I only have a smattering of lots of different things. I am a decent designer; I can do development on an intermediate level (not much OOP but some); capable of doing analysis; have experience in database management at an intermediate level; my linux and windows 2003 server administration is at a passable level; and my manual QA testing is at least competent. But I truly feel as if I’m not where I should be in 10+ years time.

Do I need to take a step back and pursue one avenue? Should I reassess my skill set and start hammering away in one area? Should I try to move into project management? Or am I being too unrealistic.”

I’d recommend that kelby1 make a list of high-level goals (e.g. land an engaging job, make $65K/year, move into management, etc.) and look at which career paths can help meet those goals, and then match up those potential career paths with personal strengths, skills, and interests. Dedicate yourself to becoming the best at whatever you chose.
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