Hate taking abuse from

management but you do anyway? Keep your opinion to yourself when you

should be sharing it? Pretend you’re someone your’re not just to fit

in? All because you’re afraid of being fired?

Here is an excellent blog entry from the Chief Happiness Officer, How to lose your fear of being fired.

I had never heard of this blog until today. I got the link in an SD Times Newsletter. This is an eye opener. I don’t think it says anything we don’t already know but it’s nice to hear someone actually say it.

Sometimes, it’s ok to be fired. If you work for an idiot, you should be proud to be fired. If the company is doing something unethical, blow the whistle and get fired. Then brag about it!


course the next job might not be as easy as the writer makes it out to

be but I have to agree that sometimes it’s either walk out or give an

opinion when you know it’s going to get you canned.

Very interesting read! Check it out and let me know what you think. I agree with most of it.

Take care,