Wal-Mart has announced the sale of HD DVD players in the sub-$200 and sub-$100 range.

An excerpt from Ars Technica:

As it turns out, plenty of retailers are about to get behind a big push for the HD-A2, whose sweet new price is only soured by its 1080i max output (1080p would be best, but at $200 right now, that’s asking too much). Since Toshiba launched its third-generation HD DVD players last August, the second-gen HD-A2 was poised to get a price reduction.

Kmart, Circuit City, and Best Buy are following the price-cutting path set by Wal-Mart, while Amazon announced the low-priced DVD players much earlier. Toshiba’s HD-A2 is not the least expensive HD DVD player though. Another player from a firm called Venturer Electronics is priced much lower and is expected to be available during the holiday season.

The players also come sweetened with title deals. But, is the attractive pricing sufficient reason to drive wider HD DVD adoption?

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