Agitar Software this week launched an updated version of their Java testing tools with open APIs.

Company executives told Builder AU the New Domain Expert technology included in the latest version of Agitator 3.0 will take repetitive tasks out of testing code and create more accurate unit tests.

While currently available for J2EE, Struts, and log4j environments the company has released APIs that will allow developers to write their own experts for other Java environments.

“Our customers are very excited about the new Domain Expert technology which makes eliminating software defects on the fly much easier, ensuring projects are delivered faster and within budget,” Jeff Pope, Vice President for Agitar Asia Pacific said in a statement released by the company.

Agitator 3.0 and Agitator Management Dashboard 3.0 retails for $5,600 per seat plus support for 10 licences or $590 per developer per month via a subscription model.