Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven automation is the No. 1 enterprise mobility priority for the next five years, according to a recent survey from MOBI. The prevalence of these initiatives are already present, as 88% of companies are currently undertaking or planning on undertaking AI-driven automation efforts, said the Monday press release.

The report surveyed 100 US IT decision makers at companies with at least 5,000 employees. Some 75% of those workers undergoing AI-driven automation have already seen a return on investment (ROI), and most companies feel ahead of the curve in respect to enterprise mobility, said the release

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Companies typically use three main enterprise mobility solutions: Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Mobility Management Software (MMS), and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs, said the release. EMM is the most common solution, more than 76% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) use an MMS vendor, while large companies typically execute BYOD programs, added the release.

Most companies that make mobile management a priority use AI to effectively execute enterprise mobility strategies. Automation efforts are furthest along in larger businesses, said the release, leaving initiatives to only occupy 27% of SMB goals.

By 2020, respondents predicted 65% of knowledge workers at Fortune 1000 companies will be on 5g networks, said the release. Additionally, the release continued, 57% of Fortune 1000 companies will boost their AI and machine learning tech into their enterprise mobility strategy.

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“One of the biggest takeaways from this survey is that IT decision makers understand the enterprise mobility landscape is changing,” said Josh Garrett, president and co-founder of MOBI, in the release “AI and 5G are no longer just futuristic concepts — they’re taking shape in businesses today and changing how we work. What businesses now need to focus on is how to manage an evolving mobile ecosystem.”

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • AI-driven automation will dominate the mobile enterprise over the next five years. — Mobi, 2018
  • All companies agree that mobile management is a business priority, and 75% have already seen an increased ROI as a result. — Mobi, 2018