It occurred to me the other day that are a staggering number of ways to

find all my old Geek Trivia columns. So much so that we may need to

start syncing up and deduplicating our efforts. These methods include:

  1. My author page.

    If you Google my name, this is the top result. It archives everything

    I’ve ever written on TechRepublic by publication date (coincidentally,

    this only amounts to 78 Geek Trivia articles).

  2. The Geek Trivia Archive, a standalone page that links to the 20 most recent Geek Trivia articles, as well as some related vendor content.
  3. A tuned site search,

    which I used before either of the above tools existed, although it will

    pull in some ancillary stuff only tangentially related to Geek Trivia.

  4. My geek trivia tag.

    Like a few other TR editors, I’ve added all my columns to the TR Links

    directory. Mine, not coincidentally, are all tagged with (among other

    things) geek trivia. The list isn’t chronological, but the added tags make it easier to jump to subjects you might find interesting.

We really need to start crosslinking the results in meaningful ways.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure how technically or logistically feasible

that is, at least in the short term. C’est la vie.