compiled a list of top 100 technology innovations of all times. The list acknowledges the hardware and software innovations that went into making technology the domain that it is today. What is you take on it?

The roster of top 20 innovations from the list is:

    1. USB (1996) – Bought in several concepts such as drawing power, swapping of devices without shutting down PC, and to this day is the killer of port woes.
    2. 3dfx Voodoo 1 (1996) – To put it in brief, this card started the era of separate cards on your motherboard and 3D gaming was born.
    3. Intel Pentium II (1997) – An innovative slot based packaging of CPU (relegating the exposed pin socket design) let Intel’s processor better handle multimedia functions.
    4. NCSA Mosaic (1993) – The first Web browser that ushered in the graphical World Wide Web.
    5. Windows XP (2001) – The OS ranks higher than its ancestor 95 and 98 for its stability and several new features.
    6. Quake (1996) – The game that showcased real 3D models, unlike 2D seen in games earlier.
    7. Hayes Smartmodem (1981) – The gateway to the Internet in the per-broadband era.
    8. IBM 5150 (1981) – The first modern PC – with 16 KB of RAM and two 5.25-inch drives. How times have changed!
    9. Doom (1993) – Immensely popular game that has been ported to almost every platform.
    10. DirectX (1995) – Graphics API from Microsoft that made it to an industry standard platform.
    11. MP3 (1991) – The ONLY universally supported music format to date.
    12. Mouse (1963) – From Xerox to Apple to the world, it revolutionized usability.
    13. 802.11b (1999) – The first successful move to totally wire-free adequate data transmission.
    14. Intel 486 DX (1989) – The chip that debuted on-ship cache, instruction pipelining, and a floating point Unit (FPU).
    15. MS – DOS (1980) – Brought computing with simplicity, (UNIX fans would disagree, but that’s how it is.)
    16. NVidia GeForce 2 (2000) – Brought 3D Graphics to main stream.
    17. Fast Ethernet (1995) – Uplifted Ethernet from 10 MBps to 100 MBps.
    18. Western Digital Caviar 1GB (1994) – The first affordable drive to break the 1 GB barrier.
    19. Lithium-Ion Cells (1991) – Replaces nickel batteries to make portable computing truly possible.
    20. Creative Labs Sound Blaster 1.0 (1989) – Add-in card that brought voice to PCs.

Ranking the all time top technologies would be tough indeed. I would have had Google Search at the head of the list. Also, TCP/IP would have been at the top.

So, here’s a poll on the innovations that in my opinion really defined the landscape:


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