Available in the Exchange 2000 Resource Kit (or, do a Google
search for GALMOD32.exe to look for a download site), the GAL Modify utility is
a tool that allows your users to change their own GAL information. Obviously,
use of this tool could be dangerous for some organizations, so use at your own

Note that the tool works with Exchange 2003, too. Before
users can use the tool, you need to give them rights to make changes to their
own account details.

Follow these steps to allow users to update their own
account details:

  1. Open
    Active Directory Users and Computers.
  2. Right-click
    the name of your Domain, and, from the shortcut menu, choose
    Delegate Control.
  3. Click
  4. Choose
  5. Select
    the special account Self (type “Self” into the “Enter object names to
    select box”)
  6. Click
  7. Click
  8. Choose
    the “Create a custom task to delegate” option button.
  9. Click
  10. Choose
    the “Only the following objects in the folder” option button.
  11. From
    the list, select “User objects.”
  12. Click
  13. Choose
    the “Property-specific” check box.
  14. Set
    each attribute that you want your users to modify (or just read).
  15. Click
  16. Click

The permissions on your user account determine the global
address list entries that you can modify.

Domain Users can modify the following fields in their own
global address book entries: Address, City , Business
Phone Number, State, Fax, Home Phone Number, Mobile Phone Number, Notes,
Office, Pager, and Zip Code

Domain Administrators can modify the following fields:
Assistant, Company, Country, Department, and Title.

Now, distribute GALMOD32.exe to your users. When they
execute the tool, they will get a dialog box where they can make changes to
their account information.