Alternative medicine for your Web server: Try the Holistix treatment

The performance of your Web server can make or break your business. Holistix, Inc., can help you measure and monitor that performance. Here's a quick review of the company's Web site.

For enterprises trying their hand at e-commerce, Web server performance is a “make or break” factor. Whether dealing with customers in the consumer market or in a business-to-business capacity, high performance on the server end (the end you control) is critical. Business on the Internet can be cruel and unforgiving; any delays in delivering your message will drive customers away in the click of a mouse. If you need help measuring Web site performance, check out Holistix, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of WRQ, Inc., with headquarters in Seattle.

Holistix offers several products and services designed to help network administrators measure and monitor Web site performance. These offerings include Web manager software, a remote monitor application, and professional consulting services. Public relations copy on the Holistix Web site proudly mentions several large and well-known current customers, which gives the company credibility.

The Holistix Web site is very professional, with a concise presentation of what the company offers. The site is also brimming with little extra touches that place it a cut above other self-promoting corporate sites. The most prominent of these special features is a free response-time performance measurement for the URL of your choice. The performance number of your chosen URL is ranked and compared to other URLs in the form of a performance index. Other nice touches include a forum for asking e-commerce-related questions and a news feature page presenting the latest relevant e-commerce news.

While all of these functions can be found elsewhere on the Internet—in perhaps better-implemented incarnations—they indicate that the company has a better-than-average sense of customer service. Other corporate Web sites should take a cue from Holistix. With a few seemingly minor, almost free, Web site enhancements, the Holistix site transforms itself from a common self-promoting corporate presence to a customer-oriented Web site featuring the products and services of a customer-oriented company.

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