It’s just under a year since Amazon Web Services (AWS) arrived in Australia, and today, the company has announced that it is bringing its Glacier and Redshift services into its Sydney footprint, which now boasts 14,000 users.

Glacier is Amazon’s storage offering that is targeted at archiving and backup workloads, and Redshift is the company’s analytics service that is optimised for large datasets measured in terabyte and petabyte ranges.

One of the unique aspects of cloud computing when vendors offer it in different datacentres and regions is that it ends up competing with itself — and AWS is no exception.

The image above shows the differences in pricing for Glacier, which increasingly gets more expensive for Sydney when compared to the US, eventually ending just short of three times more expensive loads in 150TB to 500TB.

It’s a similar story with Redshift; increasing loads results in increased costs. Once again, Australian pricing approaches a tripling of the US rate as workloads get larger.

AWS now boasts of 14,000 customers across Australia and New Zealand, and is used by Atlassian, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, MYOB, and Halfbrick Studios (the maker of Fruit Ninja).