Amazon Web Services (AWS) users will soon be able to connect with Amazon machine learning experts, the company announced Wednesday.

Through the ML Solutions Lab, companies can find practical applications for machine learning specific to their business, according to the press release. The lab combines hands-on workshops and brainstorming sessions to generate solutions to business challenges, followed by expert guidance through the implementation.

The partnerships, which Amazon estimates will take three to six months, could result in features, products, and workflows, according to the release. The experts will also “impart knowledge” to the customers so they will be able to continue using the new skills, the release said.

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All AWS customers with AWS Business Support can access the lab now. The release did not say if customers would have to pay to access the experts, or how long it will take for an engagement request to be fulfilled.

Interested companies have a few format options. They can work at the AWS headquarters in Seattle, or Amazon can send people to work on-site at a customer company, according to ZDNet. Those who already have machine learning-prepared data can utilize the ML Solutions Lab Express, a four-week intensive program that includes a one-week bootcamp hosted by Amazon.

Some of the first customers include Washington Post, Johnson & Johnson, and World Bank Group, according to the press release. Each is using the lab to work on problems specific to their organization. For example, the Post, which is owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, is developing models for comment moderation and headline generation, according to the release.

With machine learning skills in high demand, being able to borrow an expert may help businesses get the knowledge they need without having to track down and hire someone themselves. This could be beneficial for SMBs that may not have the money or manpower to hire someone with these skills but still want to boost machine learning applications at their organization.

Interested AWS users can find more information or sign up for the service here.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Amazon’s own machine learning experts will be available to AWS users to help them plot ways to leverage the knowledge at their companies, as part of a new ML lab.
  2. The experts will walk companies through the entire machine learning process, from brainstorming to implementation. The end result is designed to meet a business challenge, whether it’s a new product, feature, or workflow.
  3. Machine learning skills are in high demand, so the lab gives organizations, especially SMBs, a chance to use the expertise without hiring their own expert.