1. Amazon Fire 7 tablet

With the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet, business pros can watch movies or check their emails on the go. Best part? It’s only 30 bucks.

Cost: $29.99

2. Seagate external hard drive

If you are going on extended trips and want to make room on your device, put your important files on an external hard drive. Starting at 1TB of storage, the hard drive is also great for sharing large files quickly between colleagues.

Cost: from $64.99

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3. Squish wireless phone charger

This palm-sized portable phone charger works as both a charger and a phone stand. Compatible with iPhone X/8/8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus/Note 8/S8/S8 Plus, the sleek wireless charger can fit easily into a bag or pocket.

Cost: $29.99

4. USB-C to VGA adapter

Business pros traveling for presentations or meetings could use a USB-C to VGA adapter. Compatible with many recent computer models, this small adapter makes connecting to presentation systems much easier.

Cost: $12.99

5. Hynes packing cubes

Keep your packing organized with this three-piece cube set. Coming in three different sizes, the cubes help keep your clothes and items neatly stowed for seamless travel.

Cost: $16.99

6. Anker 5-port USB charging station

With five USB outlets, this compact charging station can recharge all of your handheld devices at once. No need to scour your hotel room for multiple outlets.

Cost: $22.99

7. Firacore bluetooth headphones

Avoid your headphones getting in a tangled mess with these bluetooth headphones! Enjoy music or podcasts on the plane, subway, or bus during your trip.

Cost: $27.99

8. Laptop backpack

With hidden zippers and pockets, this business backpack is designed to keep your valuables safe. The bag is ideal for travel with its water resistant design and built-in USB charging capability.

Cost: $32.99

9. Lap desk

Do work in your hotel room with this adjustable lap desk. Small enough to fit in a regular sized suitcase, the foldable table has a power bank and reading light built-in.

Cost: $54.99

10. iPad Pro bluetooth keyboard

Morph your iPad into a Macbook with a wireless keyboard. The 12.9-inch keyboard attaches to the iPad, allowing users to type on their iPads. Instead of hauling your heavier computer on trips, just take your iPad with this lightweight keyboard.

Cost: $49.99