Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) announced having developed a new memory controller technology that boosts the capacity of servers and workstations. Titled as “G3MX”, the system replaces the buffers in RAM modules used in servers (for maintaining performance) with an on-board buffer.

A quote from article @ VNUnet

“By installing the memory buffers, we can extend the existing memory channels of these future processors and run the interface faster, moving more data down it,” said Diane Stapely, strategic manager for Opteron systems at AMD.

Innovation is one area where AMD can hope to take upon its rival Intel, which has been doing well recently. Intel is also reported to be working on a similar memory buffer innovation. Coupled with that, AMD’s Barcelona chip release due in August is considered late by several industry sources.

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The innovation will make it to production only two years down the line, but the bigger question is whether AMD can rekindle the competition with Intel banking on aggressive innovation?