Advanced Micro Devices is set to blaze the trail in 3D graphics performance with its new line of GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) targeted at graphics professionals. The ATI FireGL series of cards will host a whopping 2 GB of on-board memory and a new unified shader architecture.

A quote from the article at ChannelWeb:

Rick Bergman, senior vice president and general manager of AMD graphics products group, said: “The rich feature set of these latest ATI FireGL boards represents AMD’s GPU engineering excellence and provides unprecedented power for design professionals.”

The GPUs will also include a AutoDetect feature that optimizes the graphics cards to handle multiple programs and tailors the cards for best performances when switching between applications. AMD officials claim a performance boost of up to 300% over the previous 3D products.

Last year, AMDs purchase of ATI (Gizmodo) was a big surprise, but the pairing has resulted in significant consolidation for AMD in the 3D graphics segment. With the recent success of Intel, it is yet to be seen how Intel and the more direct competitor Nvidia ( will counter AMD in the 3D graphics market. The new graphics cards will be available next month.