AMD Griffin and PumaAccording to a recent article by CNET Networks’, Advanced Micro Devices (ADM) is “prepping an energy-efficient notebook chip, code-named Griffin, as well as a platform based around Griffin called Puma (similar to Intel’s Centrino), that will likely allow AMD to better compete in the rapidly growing notebook market.” Read the story in its entirety: “AMD’s new Puma stalking Intel’s Centrino.”

Here’s the lowdown:

What’s new:

AMD has come up with a new notebook chip, called Griffin, that it says will crank down power consumption without restricting power. It has a platform too, Puma, that will emphasize its graphics from ATI Technology.

Bottom line:

Griffin should allow the company to better compete with Intel in laptops but it won’t appear for a year or so. Plus, some AMD partners may have questions.

For more information about AMD’s Griffin and Puma, check out these additional news sources:

Do you think that AMD’s Griffin notebook chip and Puma platform will take away some of Intel’s market share, or will Intel counterattack and release something even better (read: more energy efficient) by the time Griffin and Puma are released in mid-2008? Join the discussion.


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