Which way is the economy going? No one seems to know for sure, but many firms aren’t taking any chances. Every day, we see news reports about layoffs, spending cuts, and other ways to reduce corporate expenses.

In this kind of environment, IT managers aren’t going to have the kind of budget freedom they’ve enjoyed over the past several years. In this repeat of a previous Artner’s Law, learn how you can manage your staff’s expectations at the same time you manage through these challenging times.

In “Manage your staff’s expectations as well as their performance,” I discuss the reasons why communicating honestly about budget constraints and other difficult matters is critical for maintaining staff morale and retention efforts. As of this writing, some 90 TechRepublic members posted their comments on this article. Check out my law on managing staff expectations and tell me how it applies to your management responsibilities during these volatile economic conditions.
Have you had to make a greater effort to keep your staff updated on your company’s budget and economic outlook because it’s having an impact on them more dramatically now than in the past? Read “Manage your staff’s expectations as well as their performance” and post a comment about the article or send us a letter.