Friends, Geekenders, fellow TechRepublicists, it is time for your friendly neighborhood Trivia Geek to say goodbye. This is my final post as the host of The Geekend and as a contractor for, or employee of, TechRepublic.

Almost four years ago, I began this blog with a promise of: “Rants, mostly, about stuff only the geekiest of geeks would care about. Half-baked ideas about how to build a better online community of technology professionals. Oh, and all the stuff I’ve thought about putting in Geek Trivia but, for reasons I alone am privy to, didn’t make the cut.” It wasn’t even called The Geekend back then. It ran on a different software platform, and had a very different mission, but has since become what I liked to consider a vital part of TechRepublic.

Today, I leave The Geekend behind, though I know my (now former) colleagues will take good care of the franchise. (Don’t bother writing angry e-mails to Jason Hiner or his team of editors; I wasn’t fired. I’m taking a job at a company that precludes my freelancing with TechRepublic. This was my call, though it was one I had more than a little trouble making.)

I go with a heavy heart, as I explain here, but also with an eye towards the future. To my readers, I ask that you stick around and see what the new kids are up to. And if you want to keep tabs on yours truly, there’s no better way than by following my Twitter feed and my personal blog, The Written Weird. I hope all of you will keep in touch, and that I’ve been able to give you at least a small fraction of what your readership and kind words have given me. This has been the best gig of my career, and it’s going to be damn tough to out-do.

So long, goodbye, and thanks for all the fish. This is the Trivia Geek, Jay Garmon, signing off. Live long, and prosper.