Not all high-tech gadgets are able to boast bling bling. Take a look at who won the “worst-dressed gadgets” award at this year’s Consumer Electronic’s Show (CES2006): “Blu-ray, HD DVD players: Clunky, unimpressive.”

According to editor Daniel Terdiman, “All kidding aside, it was shocking how entirely un-high-tech most of the Blu-ray and HD DVD players on display looked. Each of the formats was represented by machines from many of the leading consumer electronics manufacturers–Toshiba, Hewlett-Packard, Sony, RCA, Mitsubishi and so on–yet one would have walked away from perusing each of the exhibits with a sense that the companies had neglected line items for design in their budgets.”

Personally, I wasn’t convinced until I saw the photo gallery. Take a look for yourself. Do you think they resemble 1980s-era VCRs?