Attention Java Developers. At ease. Sun Microsystems are putting on one of the biggest developer days in Australia since I can remember. Better still, it’s free!

The company that started Java are putting on a 2 and a half day mini-conference in Sydney, Melbourne, and Wellington and showcasing some new technologies from Sun, the open source world, and SAP.

According to the Sun Web site, Some of the key focuses at the conference include AJAX programming, Netbeans IDE, the future of Java (including Dolphin), OpenSolaris and open source software.

Some high-class speakers are expected to be showing up from around the world, including some of the folks behind the tools and platforms you may use today.

No doubt it will also be a prime time to pester them in person about a niggling feature, or an annoying bug that nobody has seemed to fix in years. As a bonus, Sun have a few competitions running including iPOD Nano up for grabs, and a trip to the world’s premier Java developers conference, JavaOne in the United States.