Anonymizer’s claim to fame is being one of the first applications to promote secure and anonymous web browsing. It’s a method I’ve recommended to road warriors who want to increase security while using public Wi-Fi hot spots. Because I’ve recommended the application and have mentioned it on several postings, I felt it was important to point out that Anonymizer was recently sold to Abraxas Corporation as mentioned in the following news release:

“Richard Helms, CEO and Founder of Abraxas Corporation today announced the acquisition of San Diego-based Anonymizer, Inc.”

“We are very pleased and excited about bringing the very talented Anonymizer team on board. Their products and services in trusted anonymity are second to none and perfectly complement our existing risk mitigation technology offerings. Anonymizer has developed a complete portfolio of capabilities focused on protecting online identities and privacy. They were the first to bring such a service to market, and, after 12 years of perfecting it, have become the undisputed market and technology leader. Since its inception, Anonymizer has protected millions of global Internet users.”

The same news release describes Abraxas :

“Abraxas develops special technology and implements trusted unique technical solutions to address the global challenges faced by the National Security community today and those that it will face in the future. Abraxas employs recognized experts to resolve those challenges and skilled engineers to address the product needs working across all technology domains to ensure the delivery of the most advanced comprehensive solutions.”

How does Anonymizer work?

Anonymizer consists of two parts, a client-side application and Anonymizer web proxy servers. Both are required to setup a 128-bit encrypted SSL tunnel between the client and the Anonymizer web proxy servers. The SSL tunnel ensures:

Security: The SSL tunnel encrypts all traffic that traverses the digital link from the computer to the Anonymizer server, protecting user information while transiting the connection.

Anonymity: Using a web proxy server hides the computer’s IP address, which protects the user’s online identity and prevents tracking of Internet activities.

Final thoughts

I feel a sincere obligation to inform readers when something I recommend is going through any kind of a change. Especially applications like Anonymizer, which pertain to user security. I’m not familiar with Abraxas, but the fact that Lance Cottrell (founder and Chief Technology Officer for Anonymizer) is still associated with Anonymizer is a good sign.