I will likely go to my grave not knowing the answer to this question: Why is it that some people can’t resist the personal advertising of social media? It defies all logic. I actually saw a Facebook conversation between a man and woman about when each would be home from work. I’ve read the details of broken relationships and endured personal proclamations of love that would make Barbara Cartland throw up.

But a recent situation reported by Chris Matyszczyk for cnet.com has kind of crossed even that ridiculous line. It seems that a woman in the UK whose daughter was missing got to hear about her being found, not from a kindly visit from a police officer, but from a tweet.

The tweeting twit was so eager to get the good news out to the vague populace of the force’s Twitter feed that he didn’t bother to check that the mother had actually been notified. Even worse? The mother responded to the tweet, asking “Has my daughter been found?’ And in response, got: “Yes, an officer will be in touch or call 101 and they will update and return her. Thank you.”

I hope that somehow this makes an impression on some working stiff out there in any job. You are not a Kardashian. If you have information, try delivering it the old-fashioned way.