Todd Moeller, a 28 year old man from New Jersey was jailed for over 2 years on Friday for the part he played in a spamming operation that delivered millions of unsolicited bulk e-mails.The New York judge sentenced Moeller to a 27-month jail term and issued a fine of $180,000 after he pleaded guilty. Moeller’s co-defendant Adam Vitale also pleaded guilty and will be sentenced on the 13th November.

The pair were caught during a sting operation after agreeing to send millions of junk mails to AOL customers advertising an unspecified product. They boasted that they could deliver the e-mails in such a way that the source would be unknown.

I’m glad to see that at least some of the spammers who fill our inboxes and overload our mail servers are at last being brought to justice. This is not the first successful prosecution of a spammer; last year a group of spammers in Texas were ordered to pay fines of up to $7.5 million while in 2005 Jeremy Jaynes was sentenced to nine years in prison for his hugely profitable SPAM campaign.