Yesterday, we announced here a Vista ‘performance and reliability ‘ patch from Microsoft , and that’s been quickly followed by a ‘compatibility and reliability‘ download. Both, as per Ars Technica, will require WGA validation and are designed to provide fixes for:

  • Video driver blanks the screen
  • A “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered” error message locks your PC. You can restart the computer only by pressing the computer’s power button
  • Video games or desktop operations (?) stops the PC or it restarts unexpectedly
  • Heavy workload or low memory availability makes the Diagnostic Policy Service (DPS) stop responding, which effectively prevents diagnostics from working
  • Turning off external displays (including projectors) blanks the screen
  • PCs with NVIDIA G80 series graphic drivers lock up
  • Graphics-intensive games have visual appearance issues
  • HD DVD disks or Blu-ray disks on a large monitor play back poorly
  • Applications that load the Netcfgx.dll component exit unexpectedly
  • Windows Calendar exits unexpectedly after you create a new appointment, create a new task, and then restart the computer
  • Internet Connection Sharing stops after you upgrade an XP machine to Vista and then restart it
  • The Printer Spooler service stops unexpectedly
  • You receive a “Stop 0x0000009F” error when you put the computer to sleep while a Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) connection is active

Ars Technica nicknamed this the “now you can play games with your computer” update. Is this of interest to you for non-gaming purposes?