Anti-social Web 2.0 to save your bacon

Even if you don't buy into the whole "social" part of Web 2.0, it's still useful if you are an endemic procrastinator.

Let's face some brutal facts -- I am not the prettiest person you will ever meet, I am not even the 2nd or 3rd prettiest person you will ever meet – in fact, I am probably the most inphotogenic person I know. Therefore the idea of taking what few photos I have and putting them on flickr has never appealed to me. This probably has more to do with the fact that the shelf-life of photos seems to be about a week after the event, whereupon they then find their way into the blackmail folder where they sit, lurking, waiting for inopportune moments to reappear.

So it happened that this weekend my previously beloved Mac decided it was time to corrupt its hard drive. OK, this type of stuff happens, good thing I have a rigorous backup regime. Well, perhaps not. Like many people I understand the reasons for this, but I am just too damn lazy to do it. The idea of a spare HD or stacks of DVD with backups of data just doesn’t appeal to me. That spare hard drive is a waste, I could use it to store even more of my files! Besides, Macs are pretty reliable aren’t they? It’ll never happen to me. It only happens to people who drop their laptop down a flight of stairs!

Fate it seems, as always, is not without a sense of humour.

The downside is that fsck refused to fix it and I had to erase the entire drive. The upside is that I noted down only six files that I needed -- three I could remember somewhat and one had a backup from someone else. Not too bad. The only major things missing, and hardly needed for work, were my photos. This is where Web 2.0 comes in.

If I had been “forward thinking” about my lack of backup regime, I would have realised that had I uploaded my photos to a private account on flickr, then they would be safe from my laptop throwing tendencies. And no one would be able to look at them until I let them.

In the depths of this “social” revolution, I needed to be greedy and realise how to manipulate it to serve my own anti-social purposes. It’s a shame that I was too lazy to work it out earlier!

Good thing I'm starting on this tomorrow -- I'm too busy today.