If you’re an SCO UNIX system administrator, you’ve got a friend in the SCO UNIX Web site. The site is a cornucopia of articles on UNIX support information, resources, and skill tests.

More often than not, the best place to find information on a specific subject is at a “Guru” Web site. A. P. Lawrence is such a guru, and his SCO UNIX Web site is a surprisingly good resource. The site offers a wealth of detailed articles on a wide variety of SCO UNIX administration subjects, with a remarkable number of articles added each month. The articles cover subjects like booting OSR5, RedHat Linux, shell scripts, software reviews, data transfer, e-mail, proxy servers, dumb terminals, tape drives, printers, TCP/IP routing, networking, and high speed modems.

The site also provides lots of categorized links for FAQs, FTP sites, magazines, organizations, and vendors, along with information on UNIX consultants in various parts of the world and a posting page of UNIX jobs around the country. A book review section provides short reviews and links for more than 100 UNIX-related books, which cover SCO, UNIXWare 7, administration, hardware, kernels, Linux, networking, PERL, and security.

One of the site’s most popular sections delivers UNIX and Linux skills tests. The UNIX test generates up to 30 random questions (from a list of 746 questions) concerning SCO UNIX. The Linux test generates random questions from a list of 343 questions.

There is, in fact, so much information on this Web site that an administrator could spend a considerable amount of time browsing around and reading. Although the SCO UNIX Web site concentrates on SCO UNIX operating systems, the articles on A. P. Lawrence’s site should prove helpful for any UNIX system administrator.

Spencer’s snapshot
The SCO UNIX Web site is a resource site concentrating on UNIX operating systems developed by Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. The site includes many original articles by the site developer, A.P. Lawrence, an SCO UNIX programming, training, and support consultant. In addition, you’ll find UNIX and Linux skills tests, book reviews, links, opinion, software reviews, FAQs, newsgroups, mailing lists, patches, drivers, administration tools, help files, and more. The information here is surprisingly detailed and of obvious value to general UNIX system administrators as well as those working with SCO UNIX systems.

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